Thursday, June 30, 2005

“Congratulations, So you are really starting in July 2006?” Wrote my sister responding to the forwarded admit letter from INSEAD. The letter said, I belonged to the ‘Class of July 2006’. I explained how the ‘Class’ meant graduating class and not ‘entering class’ to her.

Now, I think it would have been more fun to start a little later. Its not that I think I am ready, but I see an MBA as a large enough investment that – at least to recover the costs you will have to be working hard and accelerating one’s career for a decade after graduating.

Wow, didn’t I get too far too fast. Ok, I think I should first thank the numerous MBA bloggers that are making the life of applicants easier by helping them get insights into MBA life. INSEAD especially has a couple of fantastic blogs on the life at INSEAD (I particularly like the one by finance monkey). I don’t want to spend time on the application process (I have my very skewed views on the GMAT and the essays). I am also not going to spend time marketing the school I am going to although I should say I was very very picky in choosing INSEAD, so my admiration might come out.

However since I have a couple of months before I start the program, I am going to actually focus on life pre-MBA pertaining mostly to b-school.

About me, as my blog title suggests, I am not certain about what I want to do in the future. (and part of the reason why I hated the essays). I certainly know a lot of things I DON’T want to do for a future. (most of what I have done so far besides globe-trotting). I am hoping I will do POE (Principle of Elimination) and finally figure out what I want to do....

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