Thursday, May 11, 2006

Long Absence.

Apologies for the long absence. I am on a paid trip spree. Unfortunately, although I am going pretty much to the same places, I am forced to actually do multiple trips back and forth because it is almost impossible and super sensitive to coordinate two recruiters from the same region (even city). So I ended up being on flights for over 36 hours in the last 2 weeks. Result: Well I have two offers with one just about median salary and one well above INSEAD median salary :-). I am happy, also considering the tax regime in the country I potentially might live in.

P5 classes
I arrived late to start P5 but am impressed with the array of classes to choose from. I have been dropping and picking courses like apples in a super market. I really hope to stay focused and get something out of this period after the most unfocused period of my life at INSEAD P5. There is so much I still want to complete before I leave and one thing I am attempting to do is bridge the gap between "Social" life and "academic life" :-). Yes, I have decided to learn something here :-). So I ended up getting hyper active and reading about 10 classes worth of reading on one day in my potentially favorite course "Brand Management". Do I want to become a marketer? Well I am not sure....but this course really fascinates me. The case discussion today on Cacherel was rather disappointing with our visiting professor who focussed on tons of fancy videos instead of actually any useful debate. I am hoping this changes over time. We will see. My other classes are still vague, and uncertain (I might swap them for something else).

I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow. Will keep you guys updated.

The Social Scene

It is so fabulous to be able to see so many P5s returning home to fonty from Wharton and Singapore. I met some of my groupmates / housemates after what seems like a lifetime but really 2 months. Amazing eh?

Ok, I haven't seen quality log0ffs in a while but I thought this one is alright for bringing myself back to the mainstream INSEAD blogging....


Now that I am not a career rep anymore I have changed my profile to a foot massage expert. In line with my REP project, I am planning to start a massage business after graduation and now in great need of practical experience as time is running out.

Ladies are welcome to my place in Dover from Monday through Wednesday for a private massage session.
Boys are served from Thursday through Sunday.

Please note that I charge a slight fee for my services, i.e. SD10/h for women and SD20/h for men.

Waiting for you.



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