Sunday, January 29, 2006

My annoying disappearances

Today one of my groupmates on something I said went "So you are the helicopter view blogger" That is the first time it happenned to me in 6 months of blogging. So what are the chances of that happenning. I am impressed by DL and his view of life. He is one of the high energy, has something to say about everything kind of guy ! One hell of a perceptive guy to be able to crack the helicopter view thingie...But then what else do you expect of a guy who goes to class with laptop in his hand. If I am a geek, he is geek^geek

I am trying to build a brand here with the Death Spiral thingie and I am now the "helicopter view guy". But I am glad someone at INSEAD spotted me based on "the story". The experience this time was "I have never been happier than this before in INSEAD". That was a good catch...and I knew I was contributing something to the community.

Life is beautiful. I can't believe the veteran Kanags stays in Dover (I do too) and I haven't put in the efforts to get in touch with him. I can even see if I can be a bigger geek than him on the X-Box thingie he keeps talking about on his Blog. I promise to catch Kanags sometime this week. Owe it to the big guy ! But then, whats with all the geek talk around here. I have mentioned it a zillion times already

I do apologize for the disappearance. I just find my skype phone a lot more fascinating than my otherwise mundane "Research life". When all fellow INSEADers feel swamped with work, for a change, I feel motivated to swamp myself. A survey is ready on my business and I plan to run it amidst INSEADers this dog year ! (Well Happy Chinese New Year all of you !!!!)

I have done nothing I can be proud of this long weekend except a lot of catching up with the project. I have been sending emails to the great Mr. Turner at odd hours so he knows I am working on it ;-) (time testing consulting business strategy according to the most hilarious book I have read this year "Story of Lies")

Now I will be concerned if some consultants are reading this where I might send my CV as well...but do you think they will spot me? Tempted to run a survey on that too...but I will let it pass this one time !

Monday, January 23, 2006

Congratulations WBV on your admission !

Optimiste, I owe you a note :-). I loved your comment in the "Making radical career changes" workshop, maybe its your comment that made me get to the ahaa moment.

Dear Ol' Wannabe - Gambling & Family...well I am a geek in geektown, no care about nothing else.

The Ahaaah moment

This blog should be killed. My ahaaah moment is here. This career is no more clueless. Its full of life and I know exactly what I want to do in life :-). I stick to most of the *hints* I had provided you guys with in the past, but it has been a little bigger discovery than it has ever been. Today more than ever I am sure....I am sure I don't want to work ....

....well it is not as scary as it sounds. I do want to work. But I have discovered now (over the last three weeks primarily) that "Being employed for myself is the thing that makes me the happiest and there is not even a close substitute" (if only I had known this before spending 43,500 euros of tuition and 20,000 on living and another 50,000 on opportunity costs life would have been easier yes? Not really, I wouldn't have experimented as much. What has changed my mind?

In the last three weeks I have been working on this project type course called "Entrepreneurial field study" supervised by a genius of a prof. called Patrick Turner. Its all individual work and he links you up with industry and gets you project typically with start-ups. I chose however to build something on my own (an opportunity validation) in a business lets say relevant to all of you. I have not worked on any one course in the last 4 months more than I have for this one course in the last 2 weeks...the one other difference is I am loooooooooving working on this. It has been great fun and I do think its part of the reason why I don't appear here as much. Life is beautiful. Any suggestions what I should change my blog title too?

On a more serious note here are a few tidbits on whats going on with life
(1) Malspyware attack - ruined the weekend. But have been taking it easy.
(2) Singapore is a treat to geeks like me. I spent 3 hours in Sim-lim-square and spent S$200 on a "Skype phone". Its a cordless phone that connects to skype on my computer through a USB dongle. So you can make skype / skype out and other calls just with a phone. Loooooove the new toy. (The nano is already old) singapore.
(3) No plans for the chinese new year.
(4) Undecided still on the wharton P4 trip.
(5) Electives are going smooth...don't understand why a couple of courses haven't started a good 15 days after we started classes.

Ok people I gotta go read for tomorrow...sigh what a disgusting excuse...well I gotta play with my skype phone.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

"When I was in ******, we were in this beautiful artificial hut all alone, full moon, by the lake, just the two of us. It was perhaps the biggest day in my life till date. It was indeed big. The moon, the woman, the lake remind me there is nothing I want to change about life. This is as good as it gets. A few hours back, just before we took our first flight together a good 3.5 years after we had met, it was only an hour after I had asked her to marry me. It was the happiest day of my life, I had never been so sure about myself"

For all of you double checking the title of my blog, I am tempted to do the same. Well I was sitting in the middle of 70 others during this seemingly out of place wierd elective and discovering my emotions. This is a part of the class called Social Psychology of Management and I actually enjoy doing the course despite the fact that my emotional intelligence is below the INSEAD average of "Competent". The prof is fantastic despite being a wharton alum ;-). I am learning a ton but am a little more skeptical when it comes to implementing changes in my own life. Although personal development through learning is the one most important thing in my life, I think I need to do it at my own pace, doing it through a course is not working atleast for me. And yes, there are a couple of superskeptics doing this as an elective (I thought one could self-select out of such torture if they don't believe in it)...anyways, life is beautiful life is good.

About drinking in malaysia...good idea ! Lets see if I implement it in the chinese new years. This saturday, we have a party in Km8, santosa beach. The INSEAD drinking fever slowly is starting (or wait...) I have been out every single day of the week / weekend so maybe it just continues....

Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone

Ok everyone, I am back again for a very slow start. I said, if I can read 35 pages of Chap 5 for Macro economics, I can certainly spend a few minutes blogging this morning. I decided I am going to get back to my routine (or atleast try) starting today. Lets see how this no promises, besides young and energetic fellas from the December class are already taking over from the oldies like myself so why bother ;-).

L'Optmiste - welcome to INSEAD. Hope you had a good welcome party and maybe we already know each other. I am not keen on keeping the mystery going. I think it should be good to catch up over a coffee or something. Will you ask me questions about your blog? Lets exchange emails. My schedule for this week is particularly bad thanks to my "relaxing first week"

Wannabe - talk about drinks being expensive. Ms. Fiancee thinks "Singapore is good for DS's liver". They certainly have no understanding of drinker behavior or simply have a high ethical standard. Whatever it is "Being an INSEADer at S'pore sucks" because about half the drinking "pleasures" disappear with sober classmates :-).

A quick intro to the classes I am taking
1. ISM - Something about IT (prof. has abundant opportunity to improve and the course feels very outdated)
2. Macroeconomics - The best prof this period so far a welcome change from the one I had in Fonty for Micro. The subject is incredibly interesting. At last I am having my official class on "Big mac index" that thing certainly is going to come in handy on the salary negotiations
3. Intl Political Analysis - The course sounds interesting...lessons yet to begin

I am doing 4 electives on top of this one of which is a project. Most of my electives are focused on entrepreneurship except one OB one and I am being a rebel in not doing the advanced finance elective (ACF)...saving myself a ton of work !

Grades are out for P2, I have "above average" grades in all courses ! That atleast brought my self-esteem back after the disaster in Financial accounting last period !

Ok people, gotta go grab lunch before the class this afternoon in IT.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year 2006.
So Wish you all a very happy new year 2006. It certainly is going to be an action packed year. Unlike 2005, when I knew exactly what was going to happen, I start this year nervously partly because of the number of unknowns ahead. I have a rather safe plan B (Returning to my ex-employer) because I enjoyed the last job I held.

Death Sprial Returns.
Ok people, I am very sorry for being away for the longest break ever. I am back reporting from Singapore.....
First impressions
(1) New campus...everything is modern, the little things we complain about in Fonty have been taken care of here, kind of an "Everyone knows everyone" place.
(2) Same people different place feeling. (There are over 180 people who transferred from Fonty to here and lesser people who stayed back from S'pore)
(3) An efficient well managed city (in quite a contrast to the slow and charming forest) with a very contemporary feel.
(4) A 16th floor apartment (against a solo house in the forests) in a 500 apt. complex.

It feels great to be here. More soon.

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