Monday, January 23, 2006

Congratulations WBV on your admission !

Optimiste, I owe you a note :-). I loved your comment in the "Making radical career changes" workshop, maybe its your comment that made me get to the ahaa moment.

Dear Ol' Wannabe - Gambling & Family...well I am a geek in geektown, no care about nothing else.

So you're off to be an entrepreneur?

Any specific industry?

Come up to Malaysia and lets hit the casino - sure it's dirty, dodgy and cheap, but it provides you that all important high you get when you take a hit at the blackjack table
yo man.. mail me ur at u can find my contacts at the alumni list.. and i stay at dover so we can pour anytime
DS. Let me know if you're coming around, meet up for some drinks if you're up for it.
Hey, you should blog more often, we are missing out on the good experiences...
Too bad I missed that comment of you Wannabe. Promise to visit you one day....
Industry: A-ju-K-son.
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