Tuesday, June 06, 2006

After such a long eerie silence I have decided to come back and blog in length very soon the last three weeks of INSEAD that I predict to be quite hectic....

Where has the DS Been?

Trip to Montpelier
After creating a list of potential targets I can drive to south of France with (which incidentally is much cheaper as a group than flying or taking trains), I wrote emails and finally formed a group of 3 guys to drive down to the southern beaches of France. As you might realize le plage en France has a whole new meaning to the single male from any non-european origin. Ok, I can't exactly claim to be a single male but then we were three guys who were confused between driving to Barecelona and Nice and decided we should pick a mid-point to go so that we can decide after getting there. We ended up drooling all weekend long in this transit point beach and returned back to Fontainebleau without going either to Barecelona or Nice. As smart as it turned out, we spent the weekend there. This was also a graceful way of avoiding the embarrassment of the "Great Summer Ball 2006" at INSEAD. Without a girl, EUR 135 or a Tuxedo, I find driving through the alps a lot more fun than drinking with the same friends you drink with pretty much every weekend. The trip was very eventful. The photographer amongst the three of us on the roadtrip managed enough photographs for me to be able to create a presentation and thus pass the French Oral test.

Offer Acceptance
DS has accepted, no marks for guessing, one of the two offers in a no-name company that has actually been successful so far in recruiting McKinsey consultants (Remember the consulting company ranked by the Unscientific DS Survey a few days back) and B-school grads from top-tier schools mostly in the US to go to a certain country with a lot of money generated from the sale of a certain fossil fuel.

Trip to London
A Friend in London invited me (or did I invite myself) to London for a weekend to seen Big-Ben, the Buckingham Palace, Drunk English people and a bollywood movie. It did end up a lot of fun. It was my first experience on the Eurostar and I strongly recommend it if you are in Paris as it is much more convenient than driving down to CDG.

Got a Speeding Ticket
Got a speeding ticket, thanks to a camera on the peripherique on my way back from the airport (after an interview abroad)…it sucked. Atleast I had to only pay EUR 45 as I was able to make it online before 15 days of ticket issue expired. The French have an interesting packaging of tickets. You get a discount if you pay the ticket ahead of time and a penalty if you are late by 145 days ! I only wish they started measuring their own public services for efficiency instead of incentivizing the traffic violator for efficiency.

I am sure all of you by now know you are in the wrong blog to read about "academic excellence" or "Career Progression" in INSEAD. I am starting to think I am an "admissions defect". If you do insist on knowing about INSEAD's academic culture, I strongly recommend visiting www.insead.edu, the schools official website to stimulate yourself intellectually by searching for "Strategy" or "Dean's List" or "Patrick Turner" (ok that was a cheap shot Pat only to find out if you read my blog to that level of detail or you just like freaking me out once in a while). Jokes apart, here is an update on an interesting course.

Brand Management
Although I have no idea why I actually like Brand Management, I am starting the enjoy the class especially comparing taste of vodkas in class (now for the perverts who think we have started drinking in class) it was merely an exercise to see how much difference branding does. It is a fun class with a hyperactive visiting prof jumping around all the time. The videos are kind of relaxing too.

Hi I am Admit for INSEAD. Could we chat offline. Where can I e-mail you.
Al Ghaneim group?
You are gonna work in Kuwait?
not sure what you are talking about?
Taca airlines?
You are gonna work for Shell or BP?
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