Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Who am I?

What is a better way to make a comeback than describe myself in the words of people who care to describe me - Right? Well, we are all in the process of writing profiles for our friends to go into a......"Year Book". So here is who I am in the words of people who got the special opportunity.

Basic Characteristics: Loves sleeping, creative mind, spontaneous, living chaos

One Word: Nirvana

Free Flow: "Oh, there were some exercises to prepare for the Finance exam?" DS would have surprises like this daily. Yet, he is a fantastic friend. No matter what you are stuck with, DS has an alternative! He appears quiet but he’s alert at any moment. A great travel companion who can regale you with tales from far and around, and always willing to try out the untrodden path. Searching for him? Simply look up above the heads in a crowd. DS can also be proud for shocking the waitstaff at the local Pub when telling them that pork sausage is, in fact, a form of “viande”. Looking forward, his creative entrepreneurial ideas will surely spring to life through his positive energy and determination.

Most likely to: become filthy rich in the Middle East

Famous Last Words: Thank God I did not become a Consultant. I am neither as evil nor as nice as I am taken to be….and I might even hire a consultant one day!

But hey...I have more time to change the famous last words here on the blog !!! Lucky me. So thats all I have to say now...

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